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Southeast Asia PCB market situation, Thailand is in good shape

IEK senior analyst Dong Zhongming to ASEAN for the best performance of the PCB industry, regardless of PCB imports and exports are more than 1 billion US dollars in size, by the PCB exporting countries, China accounted for 42%, the largest case, followed by Japan Accounting for 20%, mainly for auto parts.

At present, Thailand’s total automobile output is close to 2 million, is ASEAN’s largest automobile producer, estimated that the number of car exports in 2017 will reach 1.2 million, accounting for 60% of the production, the world’s 100 major auto parts manufacturers in 57 Set up factories in Thailand production, and more 28 Japanese auto parts factory in Thailand production, we can see the Japanese circuit board factory in Thailand, a very deep layout.
Although the average wage of ASEAN is growing year by year, it still has the advantage of low human cost compared with China. It is the third largest labor supply market in China and India, and the market opportunities, such as 600 million Consumption potential, 2.4 trillion US dollars in economic scale, infrastructure gradually complete the advantages, can quickly copy the mainland success model.
The Thai government is promoting the “Eastern Economic Corridor” (EEC) policy, hoping to link up with China’s “all the way” cross-regional projects, the Thai government (KFCCT) Chairman Kang Shude said Thailand’s infrastructure is well established, EEC’s goal is to invest about $ 44 billion from this year to 2021, expand the airport, port facilities, etc., to promote industrial modernization. Kang Shude mentioned that the Thai manufacturing industry chain integrity, the United States and Japan’s major brand customers in Thailand are equipped with production base, is the first choice for investment in Southeast Asia. Now the Thai government in order to face the industrial transformation, also proposed the Thai industry 4.0 policy, hoping to wisdom factory, wisdom city, and the wisdom of the people to promote industrial upgrading.
Kang Shude further explained that the past investment in Thailand is how to short-term to small broad, seize the opportunity to use small money in exchange for big capital speculation, and now the investment environment to improve, in addition to the above-mentioned public facilities, transparent economic and trade policy incentives, Like 8 free 5 half of the incentive investment, so that investment in Thailand, into a long-term sustainable development. In the face of the rapidly changing business environment in the future, President Kang called on the current trend of globalization is inevitable, Taiwan must go out.
Zhong Ming said that Vietnam’s PCB exports only 500 million US dollars, compared to imported PCB is close to 20 billion US dollars. South Korea is operating in Vietnam, deep, production settlement north of the main, mainly driven by Samsung, investment sites include North Ning, Taiyuan and Ho Chi Minh City and other places. Throughout the Vietnamese investment environment rating, Dong analysts said that although the Taiwan PCB industry 10 years ago went to Vietnam to study, but the lack of infrastructure, labor quality and no lead industry led and die a natural death. However, the current Vietnamese infrastructure is relatively perfect, coupled with international manufacturers such as Samsung, Hon Hai after the layout of Vietnam, is expected to lead the demand for Vietnam PCB.

BHflex is Korea’s 7th largest circuit board factory, the main products for the HDI, soft board, soft and hard combination board, in Korea, Vietnam, China have production base, BHflex president is also KPCA (Korea circuit loop industry association) . Mr. Hong said that Samsung is Vietnam’s largest foreign-funded enterprises, Vietnam produced more than 200 million mobile phones, accounting for more than 50% of Samsung’s global mobile phone production, so South Korea’s manufacturing industry in Vietnam upstream and downstream industry chain integrity.
Mr. Hong said that in order to produce Apple’s display, all the Vietnamese factories are rushing to face the FPC industry outlook, Mr Hong said FPC in the battery application will be more and more, because to prevent the current is too large , The battery overheating and other reasons, and said FPC after the assembly to use a lot of manpower, so the Department of North Korea soft board plant after the process of overseas plants are mostly located in China, Vietnam and other countries to do assembly processing, and BHflex is a small number of investment in Vietnam Of the mill. Finally, Mr. Hong said that the fingerprint identification module is a potential for emerging industries, future or sustainable concerns.
Dong Zhongming pointed out that India’s current import and export of circuit boards is not high, of which the exporting countries to Austria, accounting for 31%, mainly because AT & S set up factories in India.
India’s main PCB mills are concentrated in the western coast, about hundreds of small and medium-sized mills, the output value is not large, but because India has its own domestic brands, such as Micromax, Karbonn, Lave and Intex, to 2016 and follow India Manufacturing strategy, the forecast will lead the PCB industry, Samsung has long been in 2006 set up factories in India to produce smart phones, Lenovo and Motorola also began to set up 40,000 square feet in the smart phone base in Chennai, other Chinese brands such as millet , Huawei and Taiwan’s Foxconn, Wistron, etc. also stand in India to set up factories.
In the next three years, semiconductor design, high-tech manufacturing, IT systems and hard devices, export and telecommunications products and equipment will grow significantly, with electronics, electronics, electronics, electronics, electronics, electronics, Products and equipment demand the highest, up to 153 billion US dollars in 2020.
Qdos data show that India’s demand for PCBs will be $ 6.1 billion by 2020, with rapid growth in automotive and smartphone manufacturing. Mr. Suresh said that 60% of PCB manufacturers in India market for small and medium enterprises, although the domestic human resources enough, but the PCB supply chain is not complete, mostly dependent on Taiwan, China imports, although a good opportunity, but how to assess Taiwan businessmen Risk, make accurate investment, also worthy of in-depth discussion.
Zhong Ming said that the Indonesian PCB exporters and importing countries are mainly Singapore manufacturers, accounting for 80% and 26%, respectively, and now in Indonesia, Japan, Japan and Japan in addition to local production of soft board, the other is still a traditional single / Double or low-level multi-layer board, mainly the supply of Japanese electronic home appliances in Southeast Asia produced by the main circuit board, and further through the Indonesian mobile phone sales data to analyze, from 2013 to 2016, the import mobile phone year by year , Showing that Indonesian domestic production increased year by year, can also drive the demand for circuit boards.
Throughout the Indonesian investment appraisal, in Indonesia, the proportion of localization of mobile phones to create the requirements of the policy, the electronics manufacturers will play the role of PCB industry development. In terms of investment experience sharing, PT. Sintra SinarindoElektrik, President Director Ms. Hwang said that Indonesia’s key to setting up factories in Indonesia is ISO 15001 (OHSAS) certification, Indonesian consultancy assistance, and local trade union accreditation, such as factory employees In 100 people, you need to join the local trade union organizations.
Ms. Hwang also said that the market is expected to Indonesia’s future economic development of the data of millions, really count the exact number of accurate, it is recommended to invest in Indonesia’s Taiwan businessmen to visit, and do a comprehensive market understanding, Deploy the next game to win.