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In addition to PCB, Uni-venture also provides stencils to meet customers’ SMT requirements.

Frameless stencils
Framed stencils

A great idea sometimes can’t wait so when your PCB project dictates fast action with minimal cost, our Basic Stencils are the best solution. If you want to test an idea fast and cheap, we can provide you with our quality Basic Stencil and framework so you can handle assembly from the convenience of your own desk.

Eliminate the registration difficulty associated in hand printing with a flat piece of metal.

  • Eliminate printer set up for your short run PCBs
  • Allow quick alignment for easy and fast repeatability
  • Save money over Full Size Stencils designed for automated printers
  • Squeegee included

Sometimes you need fast PCBs to test and improve your designs without incurring the costs of production.Uni-vneture Circuits can help you with our in-house printed circuit board assembly with our Basic Stencils,

If you would like to get a quote for stencil, please let us know when you request a quote for the PCB.

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