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Uni-venture PCB layout and routing technology offers a scalable, easy-to-use, constraint-driven PCB design solution for simple to complex PCBs, including those with RF etch components. It also includes innovative new auto-interactive technologies that efficiently and quickly accelerate routing of highly constrained high-speed interfaces. Cadence PCB design tools streamline the process for ECAD/MCAD collaboration using industry-standard EDMD (IDX) schema and design data handoff to manufacturing through modern, industry-standard IPC-2581. With shrinking design cycles and a growing number of nets with constraints, it goes without saying that you need PCB design methodologies that increase predictability and accelerate design turnaround.

Uni-venture has many professional PCB design customers who specialize in all kinds of engineering design work. From the simple lay out if you have your own schematics or drawings to the most difficult reverse engineering or complete product design support. We are here to help support your requirements by giving you the proper engineer to help you to complete your designs. We share this information in order to earn your business as well as support our customers business. Please contact us with your specific information and we can put you in touch with the right engineer. Please also contact us if you’re an professional PCB design engineer and would like to become part of our PCB design network.

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