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Uni-Venture has provided specialized products and services to the military industry for over 10 years. The military’s tight requirements, need for high reliability, and long operation times under extreme environments, requires it to partner with a PC fabricator that is reputable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about Military Grade PCBs. We have produced military PCBs for aviation, defense applications. Our in-depth knowledge of various Military Grade PCB requirements has positioned us to understand how to work with a wide range of materials, composites, substrates, and constructions that are necessary for the military and its’ applications.

Long development cycles and high qualification costs require military companies to carefully select reliable, cost-effective partners, with a track record of success.  Our expert knowledge of Military Grade PCB requirements and quality systems necessary to provide manufacturing to OEM military and defense contractors, has positioned us as a leader in the military PCB market.

Examples of Military Printed Circuit Board Applications:

  1. Airborne Early Warning & Control
  2. Airborne Warning and Control System
  3. Command and control systems
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