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Printed circuit boards are used in many ways in the lighting industry, however, we have never seen the industry as active as it is today with the advent of LED lighting. Not only is LED lighting energy efficient, it also produces a fraction of the heat standard lighting solutions create.  LEDs also allow for the unique lighting solutions due to their extremely small size.

As our fastest growing industry, Uni-Venture has worked with numerous major lighting companies to provide metal-core printed circuit boards that are that the forefront of heat dissipation technology.

LED lighting systems generally contain one or more LED packages that come with one or more LEDs on a printed circuit board (PCB). The size of the LED PCB may be dependent on the size of the LED(s) mounted thereon, the number of LEDs mounted thereon, the shape of the LED(s) mounted thereon. Heat generated by the LED flows via its electrical contacts into the traces. Heat may also flow out the body of the LED, and be dissipated through an underfill which has a relatively high thermal conductivity. The circuit board provides mechanical support for and interconnections between the LEDs, the power supply unit and the control circuitry, generally by soldered or bonded connections, and the assembly of the LED array, the power supply and the control circuitry is mounted into a casing which includes an optical enclosure. The standard circuit board materials are generally screwed onto metal heat sinks with thermal grease applied between the aluminum clad and the assembly heat sink with some applications utilizing thermal tape instead of mechanical fastening and thermal grease.

led illustration

Examples of LED Printed Circuit Board Applications:

  1. Consumer Electronics
  2. Flood Lights
  3. Light Bulbs
  4. Mobile Phones
  5. Security Lights
  6. Spot Lights
  7. Street Lights
  8. Vehicle Lights
  9. Growing Lights
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