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Southeast Asia PCB market situation, Thailand is in good shape

IEK senior analyst Dong Zhongming to ASEAN for the best performance of the PCB industry, regardless of PCB imports and exports are more than 1 billion US dollars in size, by the PCB exporting countries, China accounted for 42%, the largest case, followed by Japan Accounting for 20%, mainly for auto parts. At present, Thailand’s […]

Professional pcb circuit board copy board pcb copy board proofing

PCB copy board, that is, there are electronic products in kind and circuit board under the premise of the use of reverse R & D technology to reverse the circuit board, the original product PCB file, bill of materials (BOM) file, schematic file And other technical documents and PCB silk screen production documents for 1: […]

China is about to become home to the world’s printed circuit boards

PCB (printed circuit board) is the electronic components of the support and electrical connection carrier, the global PCB industry output value accounted for more than 1/4 of the total output value of electronic components industry, industrial scale of 60 billion US dollars. Due to China’s huge domestic market, as well as lower labor costs and […]

Liang Zhili: China PCB in the steady development

How does this article come from this topic? China PCB how can we say that the steady development? Yes, I read the 16th (2016) China’s electronic circuit industry list (common name China PCB hundred enterprises list) and participated in the fourth CPCA outstanding national brand enterprises after the selection, deeply in China PCB in the […]

Decrypting PROTEL DXP software for PCB design techniques

Protel DXP is the first board-level design system that integrates all design tools, and electronic designers can plan their own design from the initial project module to the final production data. Protel DXP runs on an optimized design browser platform with all of today’s advanced design features to handle complex PCB design processes. Protel DXP […]