Uni-Venture, is built to meet customer support every day of the year (24/7/365), we offer quick turnaround, small quantity & large-scale PCB, and PCB assembly services all under one roof, with the convenience of our smooth sequence process, from PCB fabrication to turn-key assembly, ensuring on-site quality at every step of the process. We’re committed to improving the prototype through production processes for design engineers from quote to delivery, and we are dedicated to providing a total solution that will help customers bring their projects to market on time and on budget.

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Over 10 years of experience ­­­in delivering high quality, on-time PCB products.

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Automotive PCBs

Printed circuit boards are used in many ways in the automotive industry and have changed the way that people drive. Anti-lock brake systems and other safety and security features, ECU systems that control engines, and GPS navigation systems all require PCBs. The need for PCBs will increase as vehicle owners and drivers demand more accessories in vehicles, such as televisions that passengers can view.

Uniwell Circuits is ISO 9001-2008 and TS 16949 certified and offers co-design and co-engineering services, just-in-time consignment, prototyping and production.

Commercial PCBs

For a long time, the main thrust of Uniwell Circuits has been industrial electronics. Their products are used in a broad range of applications; some of the applications include power supply units, robotics, electronic switchgear and power conversion applications.

Whether you need the basic CEM1 PCB, a thermal product that bonds with copper, brass or aluminum, a multi-layered PCB with both blind and buried via connections and controlled impedance or a heavy-duty copper PCB for heavy voltage uses, we have the product to help meet your industrial PCB needs.


Printed circuit boards are used in many ways in the lighting industry, however, we have never seen the industry as active as it is today with the advent of LED lighting. Not only is LED lighting energy efficient, it also produces a fraction of the heat standard lighting solutions create. Serving customers in the lighting industry with our metal core PCBs.

As our fastest growing industry, we have worked with numerous major lighting companies to provide metal-core printed circuit boards that are the forefront of heat dissipation technology.

Medical PCBs

In an industry that demands high-reliability, we have positioned ourselves as a trusted manufacturer for the medical industry. we provide cutting edge flex and rigid-flex solutions for medical sectors ranging from hospitals to innovative technology companies creating new devices and treatments that help save lives!

Our engineering team is knowledgeable about all aspects of Medical Grade PCBs. Whether it is working with high-speed laminates, copper and aluminum substrates, ceramics, and coating vital for medical products take comfort in knowing that we have experience manufacturing boards of all types for the medical industry. We are able to provide lot control and in-depth documentation of all aspects of manufacturing in a customized Final PCB Report for our customers who demand such information.

Semiconductor PCBs

The semiconductor industry is the single most important industry in the advancement of technology in the 20th and 21st centuries, as they are the basis for modern day computers. The industry also would not exist without printed circuit boards, since it is considered the base component onto which semiconductor devices are connected onto.

Telecommunications PCBs

When it comes to a high-performance PCB for broadcasting networks or for computer storage operations, you can rest assured that the circuit boards manufactured by Uniwell Circuits are up to the job. Customers have been successfully using our printed circuit boards for years in cellular phone networks, mobile telecommunication systems, and in a variety of other electronics applications.

We use the latest in ceramic materials and Teflon to reduce wear and tear in the circuits. We also design our boards to be high-density interconnected printed circuit boards that are constructed with sequential build up technology and a BGA pitch that is smaller than 0.4 millimeters. In addition to this, we build the boards with a metallic core and metallic backing that is able to disperse heat through a copper and tin heat sink that allows for optimal operating conditions. Also, there are a variety of finished exteriors available for our controlled impedance boards and circuits that will make them fit well in any setting.

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